Apple wood weekend: the ladle and the spoon

posted 16 Nov 2009, 14:51 by Ian   [ updated 4 Dec 2009, 12:58 ]

Last weekend I finished a wood shelter made from cheap wooden pallets from a neighbour, they were going to be burnt (they aren't made like the once were so lose their value on delivery), and some corrugated tin for the roof. This meant that I could return to that old abandoned orchard I found and collect the wood I pruned a few weeks ago, as I now had a place to put it back home.

Naturally I was quite excited to have new wood around, so I got straight to work on some new Apple wood carvings: an extra large serving spoon and a ladle. I'm afraid I forgot to document the progress on the ladle and didn't do too well with the spoon either, but here are some pictures to illustrate:

1. The billet is cut from a branch that was rubbing 
against another, so it made for a nice bowl shape to start me off. First job was removing the dead wood:

3. Work has begun on shaping the shoulders:

5. This is all I'll do with the axe, it's getting dark here:

7. Back view showing the gloriously textured sapwood:

9. Last one, showing the back of the spoon with some refinements and preservation of the continuous sapwood:
2. Lovely contrast between the heart- and sapwood: 

4. The back of the billet:

6. Side view:

8. Mono-source incandescent light isn't great to carve by, but it won't be finished this weekend as it's green. I've just started work on the bowl: