Axe Handle Replacement

posted 16 Apr 2010, 15:51 by Ian   [ updated 16 Apr 2010, 16:55 ]
A few weeks ago I got around to the task of replacing the old, badly fitted axe handle with a new one of Ash wood. It has been made to fit the hand more securely in several grips, with a broad foot made where the branch forked, producing a really strong and natural shape. It is also longer than the previous one; I prefer this because not only is it more versatile than a short-handled hatchet, but is also much safer, as the cutting edge works further from the body.

This was the original handle, which appears to have been re-wedged at some point in its life:

Here are a few pictures of the new one:

1. The finished article. The handle has been left without a finish to give better grip. You will also notice that it is longer than the previous handle, and there are two reasons for this: firstly it allows more grips and thus more versatile use; secondly and perhaps most importantly it places the working edge further from the body and so reduces the risk of injury:

2. Close up of the old and well-used axe head:

3. Fore-shortened profile of the new handle shape:

4.The foot of the axe handle has been made where the branch forked, which provides a naturally strong widening of the handle at this point to reduce the possibility of losing control of the tool:

5. Here you can see the grip of the handle in closer detail:

6. Here you can see where the original metal wedge holds the new ash-wood wedge in place:

7. A close up of the re-profiled edge on the axe, which was once rusted over and utterly blunt:

Thanks for having a look. If you have any questions please ask away.