Portable Teaware

posted 30 Sept 2011, 11:34 by Ian
I really like Craig Wisner's post in this discussion on the BPL forum. He's a potter and makes ceramic kuksas because he says:

"Whatever happened to style, to handmade goods, to enjoying a good cup of coffee, not in some old soda can, but in your favorite mug?"

I heartily agree!

Although, I have to say I have a certain fondness for tin cups as well, there's a certain nostalgia there for me.

In any case, if I'm in the wood making some fine tea with my portable brewing kit then I take along a small ceramic tea bowl as well, it's just me and the tea and nothing gets in the way! I tend to use my kuksa for stronger black, oolong and puerh teas. As it happens my favourite tea at the moment is Clipper English Breakfast. Nice and simple.