- Pinewood Forge's Del Stubbs has a wealth of information on his website, including a great article on sharpening your knife, not to mention his youtube videos.
- A source of pole-lathing inspiration to many, Robin Wood, based in Derbyshire UK, also provides insights to other aspects of woodwork in his blog. Along with is partner, Nicola Wood, he teaches green wood carving techniques on various courses.


- For an excellent range of tutorials, including a Kuksa carving method, visit Jon's Bushcraft.
- For a thriving online and offline community dedicated to the vast subject, visit Bushcraft UK.
- If you like your bushcraft and would like to join the US community, visit BushcraftUSA.

- High quality hand forged woodworking tools made by Svante Djarve, can be found here in the UK, or here in the US.
- Woodland Craft Supplies, based in the UK, sells a range of good woodworking tools alongside those by Svante Djarve, including Hans Karlsson and Gransfors Bruks tools.
- The home of the modern 'Bushcraft' axes is Gransfors Bruks.
- Country Workshops provides a good range of woodworking tools in the US.
- Pinewood Forge produces hand made, finely polished woodworking tools in the US, but Del Stubbs also sends his tools beyond the border.
- Based in Germany, Dieter Schmid provide a very wide range of tools to customers worldwide, but especially useful for buyers in continental Europe.

Other Useful Sites
- For some very insightful articles on knives and other bushcraft/outdoor related topics, visit Ragweed Forge.